Limited seats are available. Last date for receiving applications through email is 30th January, 2020


Day 1: 19 Feb 2020, Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Elements

Session 1

  • Introduction to nonlinear finite element analysis (FEM) through 1D and 2D model equations
  • Solution strategies in nonlinear algebraic equations (Picards and Newtons methods)
  • Newton-Raphson method under load control, direct displacement control, and arc length control
  • Nonlinear analysis of structural problems (beams, plates, and shells)

Session 2

  • Introduction to material non-linearity-elastic-plastic
  • Computational plasticity: Basics
  • Plasticity based models and return mapping algorithm in 1D, 2D, and 3D.
  • Rate dependent plasticity models

Day 2: 20 Feb 2020, Introduction to Nonlocal Mechanics

Session 1

  • Introduction to generalized continuum models
  • Introduction to nonlocal theories
  • Strain localization and size effect
  • Strong discontinuity models
  • Regularized continuum models

Session 2

  • Nonlocal models for rods, beams, plates, and laminates
  • Introduction to PD theory

Day 3: 21 Feb 2020, Nonlocal damage mechanics and phase field approaches

  • Damage Mechanics (isotropic, anisotropic damage models, coupling of damage and plasticity)
  • Nonlocal damage models and nonlocal integral plasticity
  • Variational formulation of gradient damage models
  • Gradient enriched plasticity models
  • Phase field approaches to damage